Aishwarya Rai - World’s Most Beautiful Woman

A rare combination of beauty and brain.

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Who is she?

If you don't know her, you've been living under a shell, my friend. Ash, as we lovingly call her, is more than the beautiful face with the captivating blue-green eyes of "L'Oreal," or a former Miss World; she's a very talented film actress that has captured the hearts of millions of admirers, not only in her native India, but all around the globe.

Why do we love her?

Now you know who she is, but why do we love her? It's hard not to. "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" as she is often referred to, is physically gorgeous, but she is also a very intelligent, down-to-earth, altruistic woman. This rare combination of beauty and brains have made her stand out of the crowd.

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